Q: When is trash pickup?

A:  Trash pickup is on Mondays – limit two (2) cans of trash. Please remember to put trash out the night before pickup. Collection starts at 7am. 

Q:  Is there a way to find out the history of a piece of property in Boyce?

A:  Yes, contact Matt Hoff at the Town Hall and he will assist you.

Q:  Do I get charged for water used to wash my car water the yard or fill a pool?

A:  Yes, the water and sewer bills from Clarke County Sanitary Authority are based upon all the water that goes through the meter.

Q:  Are any of the properties in the Town of Boyce on the Registry of Historic Places?

A:  Yes, there were 154 original included in the August 1, 2003 application and approved on March 8, 2004  

You can find that original file at:

Q:  What are the tax rates for Boyce, VA?

A:  The Real Estate Tax Rate is .025/$100 of value.  The Personal Property Tax Rate is .60/$100 of value.